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Drome Racers

Drome Racers is a multi-terrain racing experience that will leave young speedsters breathless. Players take on the role of Max Axel who has trained intensely for the challenging Drome Championship and wants to take home the trophy.

Getting behind the wheel of high-tech cars based on the 2002 LEGO® Racers construction toy range, players must face tough Multi-Challenge Races (MCR’s). Each race is a seamless set of stages, mixing tracks with realistically stunning city, mountain and canyon environments.

Unlike its predecessors, Drome Racers is a fast-paced “anything goes” game that will appeal to all ages and abilities with its varied, realistic terrains; sleek, LEGO Technic style cars; and road, off-road or drag racing

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Drome Racers

Drome Racers, the second racegame under the lego-flag after “Lego Racers”, which was a small success. Drome Racers should prove to be an innovating, new and exciting racegame. The year is 2015. We live in a fast world and everybody is looking for new forms of entertainment, the crazier, the better. The people in Lego-empire […]

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