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Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires

Ancient China is now segregated into 24 regions and it is your task to unify all of them under a single Kingdom, as Dynasty Warriors takes an original approach. Start with one region and choose another to invade. Set your battle strategy and then approach the battle with your sword held high and your allies in tow.

Along with the three most influential kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors: Empires includes smaller kingdoms not seen in any previous Dynasty Warriors game. There are new playable warriors and more officer abilities including powerful new Charge attacks to challenging duals.

The Dynasty WarriorsTM series has endeavoured to improve in gameplay and appeal to the followers of the genre by listening to the requests of the fans and adapting the game to offer a new gaming experience for the fans and newcomers alike. The new Character Edit mode triples the number of character models and voices players can use to create their own warriors. In addition player-created warriors can use any weapon in the game.

The game’s new VS Mode combines the furious multiplayer action of Dynasty Warriors 4’s VS and Challenge Modes into one. In VS Mode, players can now send attacking soldiers in to the opposing player’s screen by using the new “summon” feature

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