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echochrome takes you into a topsy-turvy world of 3D mid-air mazes, where your aim is to guide a wandering mannequin along a series of pathways. Sudden drops and dead ends may appear to make this a difficult task, but in echochrome solving a problem is just a matter of perspective…

By rapidly tilting and turning each maze it’s possible to see obstacles from thousands of different angles – and even remove them from view altogether. If a yawning chasm blocks your path, spin the maze so that it’s hidden from sight behind a wall and the mannequin will walk across without falling. If two pathways don’t connect, alter your viewpoint until they appear to join – and they will. In echochrome, seeing is believing… and out of sight is out of mind.

Sound simple? It is – in theory. But with 228 levels of increasing difficulty and three distinct game modes, plus the opportunity to create your own levels and share them with friends via Ad Hoc Mode, echochrome is marvellously maddeningly hard to conquer. It’s all a matter of imagination, mental agility and good old-fashioned brain-frying fun!

Are you ready for a whole new kind of mental workout?

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Echochrome is a game for puzzlers. Brains will be bent in all kinds of curves and you’ll be more than once with your hands in your hair while playing this PSP game. M.C. Escher, who you probably know from his “impossible” optical illusions, was used as inspiration for the 56 levels that you get on […]

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