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Euro 2000

Gimme big tournament atmosphere: Experience the thrill of representing your country. Play the qualifying rounds then take on all the real teams, players and groups of the EURO 2000 tournament.
Gimme squad management: Make the decisions that could lead to victory. Select tactics, control training and organise practice matches with your reserve team.
Gimme Skill Drill: Master the skills required to break down defences before stepping out onto the pitch.
Gimme real playing styles: Each national side plays exactly like the real thing, making EURO 2000 a true test of your ability

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Euro 2000

You know what the coolest thing about sports games from Electronic Arts is? No? Whell, its the big juicy EEE-AAA SPOOORTSS, IT’S In THE GAAAME!!! you get in the intro of each new title. And there was no diffrence with this one, clean nice intro (screenshot) and a nice spicy soundtrack. But what is there […]

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