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Everybody’s Tennis

Tennis is one of the most exciting sports you can play, and now it’s for Everybody! Everybody’s Tennis is a fun, accessible sports game that’s easy to pick up and play but very hard to put down.

Taking the popular characters and ethos of the Everybody’s Golf series, Everybody’s Tennis crams extra fun into every corner with a variety of gameplay modes for all occasions. Comprehensive training options allow you to get the very best out of your character, but it’s possible to head straight onto the court and get some brilliant rallies going if that’s what you want.

Try the Challenge mode and take your player to the very top, or invite your friends and family to take part in an epic multiplayer match. However you play, Everybody is sure to have some fun

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Everybody's Tennis

Sometimes there are be games that get ignored by the masses, but whcih are actually very interesting. Everybody’s Tennis could be one of these unfortunate titles. Read on why. At the first glance this game looks incredibly kiddy. The famous tennis players we know from real life, like Federer or Henin, are replaced by a […]

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