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F1 2000

Choose your favorite Formula One Championship driver from the 2000 season and race to glory! Enjoy taking your laps at the US Grand Prix, Indianapolis, or any of the other tracks from the 2000 season. The game’s full collection of unique modes includes Weekend, Championship, Time Trial, Quick Race, and many more. You can set your car up any way you’d like, customizing your gearbox, tire compound, and cockpit. Racing fans and gamers alike will love this impeccable 3D simulation from EA Sports.

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F1 2000

After Nascar 2000 quite disappointed me, I was wondering what F1 2000 would be like since that another racer by Electronic Arts, and believe it or not… I love it ! All the tracks and drivers, supplied with tons of interesting info. Great graphics. A real feeling of speed. What does one want more of […]

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