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Far Cry Instincts

After escorting an inquisitive journalist to a remote tropical island, Jack Carver finds himself stranded in paradise, hunted by an unrelenting team of highly trained mercenaries. Incorporating state-of-the-art graphic technology and a host of innovative FPS gameplay conventions, Far Cry redefines the term “survival action.” As Jack, you’ll have to outwit hordes of cunning mercenaries through all manner of tactics. Make long-range assaults, set traps, commandeer vehicles – even develop new skills and abilities to outlast the island’s evils and escape with your life

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Far Cry Instincts

My instinct is telling me: “not again a port of a successful PC shooter?”. I shouldn’t be complaining actually, but I’m not a big fan of shooters that don’t bring something new to the table and only brag about their good looks. Far Cry Instincts looks to be such a game. Let’s see if an […]

Far Cry Instincts

1. It was revealed at this year’s edition of E3 that you added an original trap system to Far Cry Instincts. Could you give us some details on it? At the beginning of Far Cry InstinctsTM, the mercenaries are hunting the player and their tactic is similar to every hunter’s tactics –use guns and traps. […]

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