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FIFA 2002

Already known for its graphic excellence, FIFA fires its most powerful shot at the competition. With all-new open passing, the FIFA gamer has more control and precision than ever before. Find a breaking forward with a perfect 40-yard ball into open space, embarrass the tightest defense with cunning one-twos, or fool any keeper with deep swerving crosses.

FIFA Soccer 2002 will offer more licensed leagues, teams, and competitions than any other game in the industry; combined with great new single-player features, a unique reward system, and the chance to qualify your country for FIFA: World Cup 2002.

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FIFA 2002

I’ve been playing the FIFA series since FIFA95. I just loved the 95 on the SEGA Megadrive console. When I changed my platform to a PC, FIFA 97 had just been released. And wow, the graphics were phenomenal and although the gameplay was a bit messy at that time, it sure rocked the hell out […]

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