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Fight Night Round 3

Get in the Ring mode allows gamers to experience the fight through the eyes of the boxer. This is the closest a gamer will ever come to getting into the ring and trading blows with the greatest boxers of all time like Oscar De La Hoya, Muhammad Ali and many others. For the first time ever, gamers will truly experience the sensation of the sport with visual and audio effects like ear ringing, restricted vision, flashes of bright light, color shifts and blur effects that simulate the sense and feeling of getting punched. Imagine trying to recover from Ali’s lighting fast jabs when you can barely make out his glove through a blinding barrage of flashes and blur.

Furthermore, the boxers are more lifelike than ever with everything from the boxer’s sweat and skin to the appearance of their muscles and veins all adding to the realistic gameplay experience.

Tapping into the power of the PLAYTSTATION 3, the EA Canada development team has come up with new ways to make the boxers look more photo realistic than ever before!

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Fight Night Round 3

Even though the game is over a year old, EA Sports still thought it was a good idea to release Fight Night Round 3 again on the PS3. Whether they did a rush job, or really tried to make this version something special, is up to us to find out. I’ll cut right to the […]

Fight Night Round 3

Meanwhile everybody knows that the Fight Night series is an enormous hit on each console. In fact it is the ultimate boxing game. Fight Night 3 gets released on the Xbox 360, PS2 and in time on the PS3, but EA luckily didn’t forget the PSP owners. But the biggest question is and stays: “Is […]

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