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Fire Department

Become a real hero with Fire Department, a new strategy game that will have players firing up their PCs to get in on the excitement of blazing fires and terrifying rescue missions. Control entire teams of firefighters who are busy trying to save the world and use strategy and management skills to put the flames out. Fire Department lets you bring in fighters depending on the size of the fire and the number of people that need rescuing, call for specialists if things get out of hand, and choose from a large number of vehicles including Aerials, Water Towers, Pumpers, Tankers and even Air Tankers. Overcome obstacles in the heat of battle and find the best points of entry to tackle the flames. Medals are awarded according to team performance, number of people saved and the amount of resources used, and only the best men get out alive

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Fire Department

Who dares to proclaim that he has never dreamed about being a fire-fighter when they where a kid? Ok, you can lower your hands now. But it’s a fact that the firemen, even more than in the old days, are being looked upon as real heroes. Over at Monte Cristo they noticed this and placed […]

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