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What further enhances Flat-Out is not only the new level of graphical quality and convincing physics, but the overall interactivity of the world around the player. Player can crash sideways into a safety wall made of tyres, sending dozens and dozens of tyres flying and bouncing away. Wooden fences shatter and splinter into easily hundreds of pieces, barrels and marker cones tumble and fly from the impact, opponent car parts lying on the track inflicting damage to other cars and so forth.

Damage modelling of the cars is impressive, with virtually every bodypanel of the car bending, crumbling and peeling away in accidents showing engine, transmission, working suspension, cockpit with driver and everything you’d expect a car to have beneath it’s skin. Cars themselves, being the highlight of the whole show, are meticulously modelled with plenty of detail. Player has 16 cars to choose from, all with different behaviour, driving feel and ability to take (or give) abuse if your dear opponent ahead of you just won’t give you room to pass

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I’ve put on my racing helmet, pulse protectors and gloves (pictures on request) while FlatOut loads. You don’t exactly have to be Einstein to figure out that I had the feeling things were going to get rough! However, I had to take out the protection and gloves immediately because I couldn’t hold the controller in […]

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