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Football Manager 2009

The Football Manager match engine is being brought into full 3D with motion captured animations for each player, developed in conjunction with SEGA’s in-house studio, Sports R&D Division. You can now watch your matches in 3D from multiple camera angles, and can re-watch any part of the match by fast forwarding and rewinding the action using a new match time bar that flags the key moments in the game. There is also a new full screen TV view, where players can customise their match view by choosing the information they would like to view during the match, be it the latest scores or player performance stats for the match, and arranging this information onscreen using a new drag-and-drop widget system, that lets players customise their match day screen with the information that they need as a football manager

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Football Manager 2009

“The best job in the world” is what Football Manager 2009 says about being a manager of a soccer club. Unfortunately not everyone has the fortune to get that job so Sega’s Football Manager has succesfully been doing its best to be as realistic as possible to give anyone the opportunity to get a taste […]

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