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Forbidden Siren

Prepare to become ensnared in the nightmare that has overwhelmed Hanyuda, the Japanese village which now finds itself awash with evil and encircled by a sea of blood. There was no warning, no explanation, in the blink of an eye the village became a gruesome hell on earth and almost all of its inhabitants met with a fate that is surely worse than death…

Almost, but not all. There are few survivors, each now embroiled in their own personal fight for survival. Immersed in a world of fear, mystery and suspense these survivors begin a desperate search for a way out and only through their eyes, as they evade the vile creatures that yesterday were their friends and neighbours, will we begin to understand the macabre recent events

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Forbidden Siren

Playing survival-horror games never made me long for new underpants, although I tried to make it as exciting as possible. I’ve put out the lights, locked the door and only played in the dark, yet nothing happened. Not even Resident Evil made me look under my bed for bloodthirsty zombies. When I started playing Forbidden […]

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