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Forza Horizon

“Forza Horizon” combines the legendary “Forza Motorsport” authenticity you know and love with new action-based driving gameplay, rewarding you for your speed, skill and style behind the wheel. Drive the world’s most iconic cars as you compete in festival events, race for pink slips in white-knuckle street races, or just show off your skills to increase your popularity rank. Team up or compete with friends and rivals in a variety of online race types, as well as playground modes. However you drive, you’ll find an entirely new level of challenge and fun on the open road

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Forza Horizon devs talk Physics

The latest behind the scenes for Forza Horizon talks about how the physics make the game better

Gameplay and Launch trailer arrive for Forza Horizon

Two trailers for the price of one, and that price is… FREE! No need to thank us!

Second behind the scenes arrives for Forza Horizon

The title says it all. Check it out inside.

Forza Horizon goes behind the scenes

The first in a new series of behind the scenes vids for Turn10’s upcoming Forza Horizon has arrived.

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