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Galactic Civilizations

The game is set in the 23rd century as human civilization is expanding into the galaxy. Players will compete against up to five other computer-controlled races for control of the territory. Part of the challenge will be to determine the best use of humankind’s limited resources. The game is designed to give players a number of ways to win, including military conquest, diplomatic alliances, economic domination, technological advancement, and other strategic methods.

The game’s depth of game play focuses on an unprecedented number of events that come into play and greatly alter the outcome of any given game. Another interesting feature is the “metaverse” system. Galactic Civilizations is a turn-based single player game, however players who play on will be able to play as part of a “metaverse” where victories, defeats and campaigns can be recorded. These features combine to give the game a high degree of replayability

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Galactic Civilizations

Galactic Civilizations is one of those 4X games where the player gets the opportunity in a turnbased set-up to conquer the universe, kick E.T.’s ass, make alliances, set up trade routes with other aliens and explore the resources/oddities of space. That’s pretty much (and complex) for a game so it gives publishers more reasons to […]

Galactic Civilizations

1. Who are you and what is your work in the development of Galactic Civilizations ? I am Brad Wardell, Project Manager of Galactic Civilizations over at Stardock. 2. Where did the idea for the game come from ? Years ago, we made an OS/2 version. What inspired us to make it was that we […]

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