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Getaway, The

An uncompromising action thriller of a game, The Getaway features breakneck, ultra-realistic driving action, mixed with combat on foot and unprecedented levels of cinematic realism, in what promises to be one of the toughest, grittiest games on any format.
The Getaway revolves around three violent men, locked in a struggle for power, justice, and revenge. Mark Hammond, an ex-gangster on the run and desperate to avoid capture so that he can clear his name, stands wrongly accused of the murder of his wife. Frank Carter, a ruthless vigilante copper, currently suspended from the Flying Squad, is prepared to go to any lengths – lawful or otherwise – to get justice

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The Getaway

I would like to say that The Getaway is everything the hype promised it to be: loads of fun, suspence, and action. The storyline and gameplay is highly entertaining even though you’ll have to replay some sections over and over again to get the right ‘angle’ on a certain mission. A title well worth owning and paying for, it’ll keep you entertained for hours on end, else you’re a bloody fu****.

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