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Ghost Master

Ghost Master puts the player in the role of a new Ghost Master; a spirit assigned the task of cleansing certain locations of all human activity. They will harness psychic energy, known as plasm to generate all manner of ghostly and psychic phenomena – literally scaring all the people away. The player makes use of the history of the site he or she is assigned to haunt, and gradually builds up enough plasm to summon ghosts and spirits from the Spirit World. These spirits help the player build up the Fear Factor, and eventually do drive away the mortals and achieve victory

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Ghost Master

When they presented Ghost Master, they told that it was a completely new concept. I’ve taken the job to review it on me, because I want to try everything. And surely everyone wants to be a ghost once. Let the horror commence. As a child, everyone feared ghosts. Now, you get the chance to be […]

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