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In Gladius, players may choose to take on the role of Ursula or Valens. Ursula, from the northern land of Nordagh, is the daughter of a great barbarian king. Valens is the son of one of Imperia’s greatest gladiators. A bloody conflict between their two homelands gave rise to a vengeful dark god, which nearly destroyed all of mankind. Only with the help of the revered Valkyrie was the dark god defeated, but it came at a great cost of many lives. This gave rise to an uneasy peace that has existed for decades between the two lands. Now the two young heroes must fulfill their destinies to keep the world from heading into another disastrous war

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I took two years of Latin in high school only to hear the stories about how Romans lived and what they believed in, from the eruption of the Vesuvius in Pompei to the myths about gods and generals and the underworld, with as most memorable creature Cerberus, the three-headed hell dog. I already got the […]

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