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Global Ops

In Global Ops, players will get a dose of reality as the multiplayer-focused tactical first person perspective game will feature over 10 real world locations and hot spots as well as more than 30 real life weapons.

Global Ops will take players to such real world hot spots as Chechnya, Sri Lanka, Beirut and the South China Seas. Each level seamlessly integrates building exteriors, interiors and terrain to create a realistic and palpable atmosphere that effectively recreates the location. Global Ops will feature over 25 elite fighting forces based on authentic special forces, peace keepers, rebel groups and guerilla forces. The game will also feature a specialty class system for which players can choose from six customizable specialties including sniper, recon, medic and heavy gunner.

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Global Ops

Welcome to the world… of twenty-first century conflict ! We’re unlucky enough to live in a world where groups of people don’t really get along with each other and feel the urge to settle their conflicts with weapons. But hey, look on the bright side, the boys at Barking Dog made a game based on […]

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