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God of War: Ascension

Ascension: Kratos won't be a sociopath

Polygon spoke with God of War: Ascension lead designer Mark Simon at Gamescom, finding out that in the upcoming prequel, we’ll see a less violent Kratos than in the original trilogy. Do take the “less violent” with a grain of salt though. It’s just that Kratos won’t be killing innocent bystanders for fun: “For example, […]

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God of War: Ascension shows off the Furies

Sony Santa Monica took the opportunity PAX Prime gave them to show off the Furies, female chthonic deities of vengeance who are quite unhappy Kratos broke his contract that bounds his life with that of Ares. They’re so unhappy with him doing his own bidding that they seek retribution and only his death is good […]

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