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Gore is an online multi-player FPS game with an offline ladder system challenging the player against an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). There is also an offline, single-player mode for players without an Internet connection, or who want to practice offline. 4D Rulers, the games developer, has implemented many new things which will have a profound impact on traditional deathmatch play, as well as other new and popular gaming styles. The addition of a Stamina model, where players will find it harder to move and jump as their stamina decreases, adds a fun new tactical element to the traditional FPS. Other gameplay features have all been implemented in new ways that will change the way you play! In Gore, armor must be shot off before the player takes damage, unique character models not only look but play differently and the environment is fully interactive.

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It’s been again a while since I’ve had my hands on a fun shooter so I was really looking forward to playing Gore, especially since 4D Rulers made it clear that the title was a good indication about the violence and blood in the game. The game starts pretty standard with word that you are […]

4D Rulers talk Gore

How is it to work on a game with your family (Rick and Nick)? It’s pretty good. We’ve been working together in family businesses for over a decade, so you could say I’m used to it What is the storyline behind Gore? The year is 2085, Earth has been in chaos for nearly 40 years. […]

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