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Gothic 2

The mine valley of Khorinis. The glorious days of the once productive mines in this small seaside region were long over. Surrounded by the impenetrable magical barrier, the slaves eked out their miserable existence in this apparently natural prison. One brave man managed to burst the bonds of imprisonment. Following his own call to freedom, he ventured deep into the subterranean temples. Willing to do whatever was necessary, he went out to banish Evil and destroy the magical barrier forever. Spurred by the hatred of men long-suppressed, the prisoners streamed trough the only pass to freedom

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Gothic 2

“You are a man with no name, no identity, and no talents.” There now, you all know it (watches almost everybody walking away). “No, please come back. I was only bringing everybody in the right mood for my Gothic II review”. Enough chit-chat, time I start telling some interesting things about Gothic II. Gothic II […]

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