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Gothic 3

In the first two parts of Gothic, you fought along a hard way from being a prisoner to becoming the hero of Khorinis, the strategically important mining island. Now the time has come for you and your friends to discover and fight across the mainland of Myrtana.

The situation is desperate: The orcs have beaten King Rhobar’s troops and are ruling the most important parts of Myrtana, enslaving the human population. Only the tricky inhabitants of the south and the wild barbarians of the icy north are holding against the orcish domination.

And there are rebels, lurking around in the shadows of Myrtana’s forests and trying to fight a hit & run guerilla war. It’s your choice if you want to join them or the orcs – but whatever you do, the destiny of Myrtana will depend on you!

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Gothic 3

Gothic 3 stands on the list of many RPG fans and was even called an Oblivion killer. But is this true? The story starts when the main character returns to his homeland Myrtana, after his adventures in Gothic 2. Not only has the journey weakened him (all stats have been reset to zero), the Orcs […]

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