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Hardware: Online Arena

SCEE’s ‘Hardware Network Technology’ (working title) is a fast action, fun-packed arcade blasting, online multi-player combat game that promises to be the ultimate death match experience, putting the player in the driving seat of some of the most powerful military fighting vehicles in existence today. Players are brought together online, placed in a massive purpose built environment equipped with high-tech weaponry and are then let loose with the primary purpose to destroy their opponents as many times as possible!
Hardware Network Technology’s game play is similar to arcade style games, with simple controls and easy pick up and play appeal. It won’t be long before you are hunting down your opponents and blowing their vehicles into hundreds of useless metal fragments. The pace is fast, the weapons spectacular and the vehicles deadly and quick.

Hardware Network technology is designed to build an online network community with plans for downloads, community-based competitions and episodic content that can take into account the requests and requirements of the players to ensure maximum game play satisfaction.

The online community will be encouraged to form clans and will regularly be invited to enter into online competitions to win major prizes. You will be able to record your scores and compare your ranks against all other players as they attempt to attain the number 1 ranking and the kudos that comes with it!

A single player game type will be available to allow the user to hone their skills against some A.I. “bots” offline before returning to the fray online.

Game models will be very realistic and detailed but they will be textured in a slightly bolder and more arcade fashion. Traditional camouflage patterns will be used but different colours will be added to aid player identification. The levels and buildings will also follow the realistic style but the settings and locations will be incredibly diverse

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