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Hero X

In this “RPG” style action adventure, you are a former super hero sidekick and have been assigned to protect “Smalltown” by the A.S.H.A. (American Super Heroes Association). As you fight crime and put evildoers in the place, you climb the super hero ladder, your superpowers increase and you’ll be promoted within the A.S.H.A.!

Build your hero, male or female. Choose your costume from an unlimited combination of colors and decide on which of the over 50 superpowers you need and you’re ready to hit the streets!

Building on the renewed public interest in comic book stories, as exemplified in the X-Men® and the Spiderman® movie, while creating a fun and exciting game experience through a progression of missions all connected by the goals of one lead villain who proves to be the grand confrontational element at the end of the game. The design has an “Open Ended” story and setting, which offers a perfect opportunity for sequels and expansions

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