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It’s Christmas time in New York City. A strange virus has appeared in the city, turning seemingly normal people into insane, violent Infected.

Rookie Officer Stevens is one of the first victims of the Infected. But unlike others, Stevens is stangely immune and doesn’t lose control. The mysterious Dr. Schaeffer discovers that Stevens’ immune blood can be used to destroy the otherwise unkillable Infected. Schaeffer creates a special “viral gun” that fills shells with blood from Stevens’ arm and blasts them straight into the Infected, causing them to splat spectacularly

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Zombies are hot! Not only in movies but also more and more in games, with Dead Rising as the most recent example. Infected, a game that’s been released for quite some time in the US already also visits us now and the setting of the story couldn’t have seen a better release date for Europe. […]

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