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James Bond 007: NightFire

James Bond 007: NightFire promises to take players higher and deeper than ever before in terms of locations and gameplay. As Bond, players will operate in the high altitudes Austrian Alps and a zero-gravity space station as well as underwater in the South Pacific in order to defeat the evil criminal mastermind Rafael Drake, who is bent on ruling the world.

NightFire will offer a deep and rich gameplay experience that will stay true to the Bond universe. The game is primarily seen through a fast-paced first person perspective, however will switch to a dynamic third person perspective to show off dramatic interactive moments. NightFire will feature a large variety of missions filled with furious action and stealth, gorgeous women, exotic locales, and sophisticated spy-craft gadgetry that Bond fans expect. The console versions will offer a whirlwind driving experience with exotic vehicles as well.

Each of the more than 10 exotic locations around the world and beyond in NightFire will contain a generous offering of challenging missions and objectives. Moreover, players will have the option to upgrade many of the numerous Q-lab gadgets.

The game will feature a cast of new and familiar characters from the Bond universe, including Zoe Nightshade (from EA’s previous Bond game, James Bond 007 in… Agent Under Fire™).

The player can blast their way through each level using hi-tech weaponry, quietly rely on spycraft tricks and gadgets to accomplish objectives and maximize scores

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James Bond 007: NightFire

A game based on a movie character… now where have we heard that before? Is it original? Hmmmm, no! Is it innovative? Hmmmm, hardly! Does it sell? You betcha! But I see it as my noble task to answer but one question: is the game fun? James Bond 007: Nightfire was more or less co-released […]

James Bond 007: NightFire

I’ll be honest about it: when I first received my copy of “007: Nightfire” I thought I was in for an overhyped game. I didn’t watch the new Bond movies (with Pierce Brosnan) for this same reason. But boy, was I wrong! Nightfire has a story written specially for the game (so it’s not from […]

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