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Key of Heaven

Three hundred years ago, the known world consisted of 9 continents spread across a vast ocean. The center of this world was “Ohka”, a wondrous continent rich in Oriental mysticism. Ohka was ruled by five “Bumon,” or houses of martial arts, each boasting their own unique fighting style.

However, “Sema”, a continent far to the west whose invading forces were led by the “Demonic General”, threatened their rule. Following a fierce battle, the five Bumon finally brought the war to a close, “sealing” the Demonic General in Ohka by means of a mysterious “Key”. With the war thus ended, all believed that peace would reign eternal….

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Key of Heaven

Shinbu lives a quiet life in a Japanese village ever since he was exiled from the Seiryu clan. However, one day, a young girl named Sui Lin asks for his help because Shinbu’s former clan has been completely wiped out. It’s up to him to find out who did it and why. So tells the […]

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