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Legend of Kay

Legend of Kay is a classic action adventure – enhanced by an advanced close combat fighting system. Our hero ‘Kay’, a young cat Kay, embarks on a quest to save his village from invading troops of emperor Shun – king of the mighty gorillas. Kay may be young, but he is a brave and agile fighter. He leaves his hometown only with his sword and soon becomes a seasoned fighter, the only hope of all cats. Finally Kay will manage to unravel the secret that lies hidden in the volcano fortress of emperor Shun

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Legend of Kay

A platformer with a cat as the main character. What do you mean, not original? But, it has to be said, JoWood is probably the only developer/publisher daring to create new platformers. All the rest are yet another sequel of a previously successful game. So -if you feel like playing a brand new series- you […]

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