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Lethal Skies II

Lethal Skies II is the most explosive title yet in Sammy Studios’ action-driven jet combat series. The game is an arcade-style flight shooter that puts the most powerful modern-day and futuristic fighter jets at the command of players. Lethal Skies II blends science-fiction and real-world themes, with a premise that has planet Earth coping with the devastating effects of global warming and ensuing wars resulting from massive loss of resources.
The game has over 20 action-packed missions, including unlockable “play as the enemy” campaigns, pitting players against an array of conventional and futuristic air, land and sea-based combat vehicles. The sequel, developed by the same team at Asmik Ace, is a graphic leap from the original, with super-detailed jet models and amazing particle effects. Lethal Skies II also delivers a host of new features, adding an amazing seven new combat jets for a total of 19 playable planes, split-screen and i.Link compatible 2-player mode, fully interactive 3D battle maps and movie galleries

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