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Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

In the year 1192, Richard the Lionhearted, King of England, ventured across Europe during the Third Crusade. At the height of this aggression the lines that define our reality blurred, allowing a short but devastating influx of magic and spiritkind to be unleashed across the Earth. Occurring some 400 years after this cataclysm, Lionheart(tm) diverges from traditional high fantasy by placing the player in 16th century Europe where the Renaissance has halted, casting a shadow over civilization by keeping mankind in an enduring Dark Age. To some who could comprehend the nature of these new forces, the introduction of magic has brought great power. To the common folk, magic is feared as the handiwork of evil. In this new, yet hauntingly familiar setting, the player must decide how to best develop their character’s skills and abilities to triumph over obstacles in order to discover the meaning of their true fate.

“Lionheart(tm) will offer complex character development in a world completely unlike your generic fantasy CRPG”, stated Chris Parker, Senior Producer for the project. “The player can focus their character on swordplay, archery, or the forbidden arts of magic – all options are laid before you in a classless and open ended system.”

Unrestricted character creation and development using Fallout’s flexible SPECIAL system allows player to create and advance characters in nearly limitless fashions. Played from an isometric view, Lionheart will offer the highest quality graphics yet seen in a PC role-playing game. This technology will allow the player to explore a beautiful, lush and diverse world filled with powerful magical artifacts, involving quests and unique characters. Players will face a mix of strategic and intense combat, clever puzzles and dialog interactions as they play though the intricate storyline. In addition to the single player experience, up to four separate players can join in for a multiplayer session

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