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Master Rallye

Master Rallye is a completely unique, fast paced off-road race game based upon the FIA rally event of the same name. The game features licensed vehicles and officially endorsed special stages and a wide variety of game modes to allow casual, arcade, and simulation levels of play.

Each rally stage follows off-road routes and allows the driver to find shortcuts from A to B in an extremely wide environment. The player can risk off-track navigation to find the best shortcuts to accomplish their goal – as long as they finish first! Each stage is tested and approved by the legendary Master Rallye designer Rene Metge – himself a triple Paris Dakar winner

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Master Rallye

If you’ve been around for longer than 4 minutes you would have noticed that there are many racing games on the market. Be it simulators or arcade racers, they come in many forms… Or to put this in other words: there’s a lot of competition out there between racing games and every developer will to […]

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