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Max Payne 3

No longer a cop, Max is close to washed-up, drunk and addicted to painkillers. Without a job on the force, Max has left the greater New York area, and he finds himself in Sao Paulo, Brazil, working in the burgeoning field of private security. Max’s latest assignment sees him protecting the family of Rodrigo Branco, a wealthy real estate mogul and his two brothers: Victor, a local politician and the youngest, Marcello, a party-loving Eurotrash playboy, along with Fabiana Branco, Rodrigo’s trophy wife, and Giovanna, Fabiana’s sister.

The story of Max’s descent from vengeful, leather-jacket wearing detective roaming the alleys of New York to the broken, shaven-headed man out for justice on unfamiliar streets far from home is at the center of Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Rockstar details Max Payne 3 DLC schedule

Rockstar has announced which DLC packs they’ll be making available for Max Payne 3 for the coming months. As of today (yesterday in the US), the Local Justice Map Pack is available through the PS Store and as of August 9 this will also be available on PC. This pack features three new maps for […]

Max Payne 3

The first Max Payne was one of those games for which you would gather your friends to gather around you, if only to show off the beautiful graphics, the hard action, and of course the blindingly tough and innovative gameplay. Remember how you could occupy yourself for hours with the physics of a couple of […]

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