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Maximo vs Army of Zin

Maximo has defeated a host of ghosts and gone for the glory, but nothing can prepare him for…The Army of Zin! Dormant for centuries, this legion of mechanized mayhem has returned to unleash their undead clockwork fury! The action has never been more furious as Maximo, aided by his dark pal Grim, strikes back with new powerful combo attacks and even more daring moves! From the top of the Crystal Mountains to the depths of the Dead Sea, Maximo must defend the innocent and make new alliances as he seeks to unlock the mystery of the Zin!

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Maximo vs. Army of Zin

Are you a lover of challenging platform games, just buy “Maximo vs. Army Of Sin”. I find it difficult to say negative things as the gameplay is exceptional, the graphics and the way they are brought are enchanting which is the same for the sound and the story is as it should be in a platformer.

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