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Mega Man X Command Mission

In Megaman X Command Mission, Mega Man must infiltrate Giga City Island to thwart the evil plans of the Liberion Army who have initiated a riot on the isle. By choosing from a selection of seven different playable characters including Megaman, Zero, Axl and four characters new to the Megaman universe, gamers construct a three-member attack force to help bring peace to the region once and for all. It is up to gamers, to create a dream team of Megaman’s allies and reploid friends and stop the destructive battle that has begun on Giga City Island.

Megaman X Command Mission will feature exciting action RPG-style combat and a revolutionary “Cross Order System” that allows flawless execution of special and finishing attack moves on enemies. Character building will be a crucial aspect of the game and by using super-energy metals called “Force Metals,” weapons, abilities and attack moves can be upgraded, vastly improving the overall performance of characters

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Mega Man X Command Mission

You know, this game really damaged my self-confidence and made me lose some necessities to be a good reviewer, that is of course if I ever had any of these. However, after I read “Who Took My Cheese” and got some pep-talk from our most laudable editor-in-chief, I found the strength to start writing again. […]

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