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Monster Hunter: Freedom

In Monster Hunter Freedom, challengers take on a variety of quests and conquer larger than life beasts either alone or with the aid of others. Players start by customizing their own character, choosing the type of hair, face, voice and other various attributes their personalized monster hunter will possess. They can explore ahub village where they can sign up for various challenges ranging from retrieving a valuable egg from the nest of a menacing dragon to hunting down powerful creatures and much more. Hunters can scavenge defeated monsters for food, collect bones for weapons and armor, and even use pieces for decorative accessories. In addition, by completing objectives, players receive an array of rewards that allows them to upgrade their arsenal and equipment, readying them for even tougher battles

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Monster Hunter Freedom

Monsters speak to anyone’s imagination. Both the enfant who doesn’t dare to look under his bed as the horror fanatic that loves getting scared will tell you this. Also Monster Hunter Freedom acknowledges this and has built an entire game based on these critters. In Japan, the game was a huge success, also due to […]

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