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MTX: Mototrax

Experience the most complete motocross game ever. MTX: Mototrax pulls away from the pack with its realism, groundbreaking customization and high-speed racing action at 60 frames per second. Offering a benchmark setting non-linear career mode, gamers are challenged to become king of the track and earn all the fame and fortune of a true champion. Players can also take their skills online to compete against their friends on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Accept the MTX: Mototrax challenge: beat the pros and become the ultimate MX athlete

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MTX: Mototrax

As a child I was tremendously fascinated by motocrossers but my parents are utterly against two-wheeled motorvehicles. Looking back at it now it is not such a bad thing that they drove the motor-sport enthusiasm out of me. With growing up and becoming an adult (sarcastic little laugh) the interest in motorbikes has been reduced […]

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