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Naruto: Ninja Council

The hit series currently airing on Cartoon Network is appearing for the first time on Nintendo DS with NARUTO: Ninja Council 3! Following missions that are played out on the TV series, NARUTO: Ninja Council 3 delivers ninja action for 1-4 players. Battle your way to the top as Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke or many of the newly added characters using the DS stylus to master the ninja arts and complete assigned missions. Protect, defend or defeat – train like a ninja and perfect your techniques as you progress through the ranks. Are you Hokage material? Believe it!

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Naruto: Ninja Council

Naruto seems to become the latest hype as we’re being overwhelmed by Naruto-games these days on different platforms. This one we’re talking about is the DS-variant. There are two possibilities: either you play on your own a couple of missions, or you do a fight with/against friends in party mode. In total there are about […]

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