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Naruto: Ninja Destiny

Feel the impact as the Naruto franchise brings 3D fighting action to Nintendo DS! Unleash your ultimate jutsu in Naruto: Ninja Destiny, a pure fighting adventure that will blow you away!

In this pure fighting adventure, you’ll fight with more than 15 characters from the Naruto universe in this fast-paced challenge of reflex and skill. The impressive character designs and the even more impressive ultimate move animations bring flair to the game that’s unmatched on any other handheld.

In Naruto: Ninja Destiny, a conflict has arisen between Naruto’s village of Hidden Leaf and the people of Hidden Sand. With the help of your ninja-intraining skills and your friends, you’ll need to overcome villainous forces to restore peace to the villages.

Along with this Story mode, Naruto: Ninja Destiny features an endurance Arcade mode, a Free mode and Multi-Card multiplayer duels. To take on all comers, you’ll need fast fingers, quick reflexes and the ability to think a few moves ahead of your opponent. That’s how you become a ninja master!

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Naruto: Ninja Destiny

Naruto is extremely popular in the far East and we’ll know it. This newest part is a pure fighting game. You can choose between Story Mode, Battle Mode and Wireless Battle. The storyline isn’t more than a background for the actual fights and without knowing the series it will be hard to follow. Not that […]

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