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NBA Live 2001

Electronic Arts returns to the court with NBA Live 2001. This seventh edition in the popular series uses cyberscan technology for more detailed player heads and skin textures, in addition to improved stadium details like animated benches and a polygonal crowd. New transitions and enhanced in-game sequences add to the television-style presentation, while each coach’s unique personality and emotions dictate the way their team reacts to the ins and outs of a contest. When coupled with a host of brand new animations, improved speech and sound effects, motion capture from Kevin Garnett, and an enhanced create-a-player, NBA Live 2001 tries its best to create the ultimate basketball experience

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NBA Live 2001

Since NBA Live 95, EA Sports sets the standard of Basketball games and probably also for every other sports game. But why can they maintain this status in the business? Well, because they improve the product, and every time you say :”Damn this is a good game!”. That’s why! but you already knew this so […]

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