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NHL 07

EA SPORTS – pioneers in the Golden Age of hockey videogames – is once again leading the charge into the Next Gen Era with the most intuitive and authentic experience to date. Powered by next generation gameplay and rebuilt from the ground up, NHL 07 features new responsive controls and drastic improvements in graphics that represent a watershed for the best-selling hockey game franchise.

Never take your hands off the analog sticks as you take complete command of every movement on the ice with a revolutionary new Skill Stick system. This intuitive gameplay scheme delivers an unparalleled sense of on-ice speed and control as you direct virtually every player movement. Using the left stick to direct your lower body, and the right to control the upper, you will attain a level of fluidity only experienced on the ice. Skate into the zone and glide around your defenders, while bringing your stick across your body and drawing it back to fire a slapshot – all without touching a button.

Know the skills of your players from the behaviors of their real-life counterparts with new Player-Specific Behaviors. Be a Sniper and rip one from the slot, make pylons out of the defense as a Dangler, or use your size and strength to dominate the crease as a Power Forward.

Off the ice, act as the General Manager in an enhanced Dynasty Mode. Do whatever it takes to meet an owner’s expectations by properly managing rosters and using your creativity to fit player salaries under the new cap

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NHL 07

The crazy Eskimo (sorry, Inuit) that saw a frozen shit laying around and thought by himself: “I bet I can get it between those two ice pads with my stick” should get a statue as since then mankind has gotten an additional hip sport. A sport that according to EA gets associated with young angry […]

NHL 07

Whether NHL 07 is the x-th version of the z-th sports game, is something I’ll leave to you. In this review we’ll be looking at whether the new control scheme can compensate the lack of new options or possibilities, as like in so many other sports games on the 360, also this title has a […]

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