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Perimeter’s key game play elements deliver a challenging and rewarding experience in both single and multiplayer environments. These elements include strategic terraforming to acquire resources, projecting an impenetrable perimeter force shield to protect from attack and combat unit transformation through manipulative nanomorph technology.

Set in a future universe where Earth is dying, multiple civilizations are in a race against time to discover a new galaxy and colonize it for suitable living conditions. This epic journey shows players exploring new worlds as well as battling against other societies and indigenous species, all in an attempt to acquire energy and continue the search for a new home planet.

Game play is built on territory seizure, where players terraform diverse alien landscapes in order to extract vital energy supplies to power structures, units and the perimeter force shield. For the first time in RTS gaming, the landscape is a tactical participant in combat and base development as players and indigenous natural forces fight to change the physical structure of the game world.

The energy drawn from a planet’s surface enables players to build devices and collect further energy reserves as well as expand and defend their territory with a wide variety of units and structures. Ultimately, players acquire enough energy to activate a portal, transport to a new world and move one step closer to a new home planet before other civilizations beat them to the punch

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