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Pokemon Black Version

Pokémon Black Version is a handheld Role-Playing game (RPG) for play on the Nintendo DS / DSi. Released as a companion game to the DS / DSi title Pokémon White Version, in it players enjoy classic challenging RPG-Adventure Pokémon gameplay as they catch wild Pokémon and utilize them in face-offs against other Trainers to see who is the best. Additional features include: access to the Legendary Pokémon, Reshiram; the player’s choice of one of three starter Pokémon; an all-new and diverse game region, Unova; improved graphics; multiple new battle modes; the ability to wirelessly trade Pokémon; multiplayer options and more

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Pokémon White

When Pokémon White arrived in my mail I was extremely enthousiastic. Finally after four years a new version has arrived! I admit, I love Pokemon! Everyone probably has something of a kid inside him/herself and this is it with me. We’ve arrived at the fifth generation of Pokémon and the first two parts are, as […]

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