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Ridge Racer 6

Ridge Racer gamers were screeching across the asphalt long before drift racing became a phenomenon. Now, the game that revolutionised arcade racing blazes a trail to Xbox 360, featuring hi-definition graphics, powerful sound and improved nitrous system combined with an unparalleled sense of speed.

Ridge Racer 6 on Xbox 360 comes packed with more than 130 cars and 30 circuits, the most courses in any of the series so far! For the first time ever, it will also feature online compatibility with Xbox Live® offering endless hours of drifting excitement

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Ridge Racer 6

Last year we saw the rebirth of the Ridge Racer franchise with the excellent Ridge Racer for PSP. Now Namco wants to profit from the hype that surrounds the Xbox 360 -the first next-gen console, as you all know- with Ridge Racer 6. Unfortunately for them, the X360 doesn’t really lack good racing titles. Does […]

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