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RoadKill drops players into instantaneous battle with 30 core missions and numerous side missions. The missions place the player into the three cities of Hell County — Lava Falls, Blister Canyon and Paradise City. RoadKill’s dynamic reputation system determines how the world reacts to the way players perform missions, kill and maim citizens, destroy enemy vehicles and build alliances with the gangs of Hell County. In the game, players collect salvaged parts — which upgrade the 30 vehicles with items such nitrous thrust and armor plating — to unlock secret features and help explore the world in a search for hidden blueprints. In addition, players drive to survive with a radio system that provides alerts about bounties, mission tips and music while they run down, impale, shoot and splatter both innocent and armed civilians

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To be honest, Roadkill is trapped into one big cliché. Every time you shut down your PS2 you’ll have the feeling you’ve just been playing a bad remix of GTA or Twisted Metal Black.

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