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Rollcage Stage 2

Are you ready to roll? Race across ceilings, walls, alien territory, and futuristic lands as you try to damage your opponents and finish on top. The follow-up to the popular ROLLCAGE, this installment features improved AI, better graphics, more gameplay modes, and fully destructible courses. There are over 20 vehicles to choose from and each has three different paint jobs to try out. Divided into five futuristic, other-worldly environments, the game’s 65 tracks can each be affected during gameplay, allowing for the possibility of sneaky roadblocks and traps. The high-powered weaponry at your disposal includes rockets, bombs, and mines but don’t be surprised to discover a few hidden toys that will help you win. Additionally, you can combine weapons, making for 24 unique attack concoctions. There are 16 modes and options to choose from, including Single Player, Rubble Soccer, Scramble, Pursuit, Stunt, Survivor, Multi-Player Tournament, and Destruction Time Attack. The more wins you rack up, the more bonuses and vehicles you can unlock for yourself. With improved AI, incredible environments, and more modes than you’ll be able to swallow this is one amazing game.

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Rollcage: Stage 2

If u like S&M or have too much cash: buy this game, but if your stomache isn’t that strong or your eyes can’t stand bright, colourfull light: Stay away from it, cause as far as I can tell, this game sux ass dude

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