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Rooms: The Main Building

Designed for Nintendo: Point and Click Controls, Rooms: The Main Building features ideal gameplay for the Wii Remote and the Nintendo DS stylus. In each room, players must use intellect, strategy and various objects to their full advantage. To escape, rooms can be moved around and matched up with subsequent rooms. The game features a guide named Mr. Book that gives tips on how to move rooms and use various tricks during the adventure. Players are also rewarded with a bonus if the background is placed correctly like in a jigsaw puzzle. With more than 100 rooms to go through and a level editor to create more, this charmed adventure can continue for ages to come

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Rooms: The Main Building

Rooms: The Main Building has as purpose to have the lead character escape from a room with one, seemingly unreachable, door. The special thing about this room is that it’s one big sliding puzzle. Innovative approach of a classic idea, we like that but this also means there’s a big risk for things falling apart. […]

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