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On the third of August, the Pig National Army crosses the border of Carrotland, following the orders of the notorious Steelfang, attacking and destroying most of the country within two weeks. The Rabbit capital is under siege and the future looks bleak for the beleaguered peace-loving Rabbits. Their only hope is to launch a counterattack under the command of a plucky, resourceful leader: the player. Although the plot and the characters guarantee some serious fun, the game is built on a sophisticated RTS engine demonstrating advanced graphics, physics and AI that require intelligent analysis of the psychology of the leaders, the features of the terrain, and special abilities of each unit to execute the best tactics and strategy

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A while ago we posted a hands-on preview of Fishtank Interactive’s SWINE where pigs and rabbits have a bad attitude and decide to get on each other’s nerves to result on a big war. We decided that this game might really be something if the developers wouldn’t screw things up. Let’s see how this game […]


Pigs and rabbits fighting against each other is something you don’t see every day. The people from Channel 42 and Fishtank Interactive however decided there’s nothing better than to have an RTS where animals are heavily armed and kick each others butts. The pigs have decided that their territory isn’t big enough any more for […]

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