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SBK 07 World Championship

SBK-07 is the official Superbike World Championship videogame so it will allow you to enter the fantastic SBK championship. The game is fully licensed and simulates every aspect of this world, from the physics (that give to you the sensation to really ride a racing motorbike) to the behaviour of the opponents and offers all the official races, sessions, teams and riders of the real series.

Everybody has the possibility to improve the performances of his bike, managing and tuning a lot of aspects like top speed, gear ratios, suspension stiffness and choosing the better set of tires for the single race.

Superbike 2007 aims to capture the attention of core gamers through a set of advanced riding-related features but also appeal to the casual gamer by offering newbies the opportunity to understand the complexities of bike riding by introducing complexity in layers. Superbike 2007 provides a diverse challenge depending on your skills and attitude towards riding

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SBK-07 World Championship

A couple of months ago, Black Bean studios tried their luck and created a superbike racing game. Although the game certainly had its potential, it couldn’t really steal my hearth away and so it quickly landed in the cabinet never to be seen again. However, the question is: Will SBK 07, the successor of Superbike: […]

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