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Settlers 4, The

Just because of that little uprising, Morbus has been banished to earth by HIM, the hiughest God of all. It really could not have been worse for this particular villain, as Morbus cannot bear the sight of anything green. He definitely doesn’t plan on letting it stay that way – his Dark Tribe will soon be waging war on the earth’s flora and fauna.

The Romans, Mayans and Vikings are the three industrious little races you’ll be settling with. The seamless zoom function allows you to take a close-up peek as your settlers go about their daily business, or to zoom out for a bird’s-eye view of how your very own empire is coming along.

Put your settling skills to the test in single-player missions, with friends and colleagues in a local area network (LAN) and with gamers from all over the world via the Blue Byte Game Channel! For beginners, getting started is a piece of cake thanks to the extensive tutorial missions!

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Settlers 4

The Settlers IV will continue the line of very successful games by Bluebyte. In the latest edition you’ll be able to play both multi- and single player, but let’s start with single player shall we ? In single player, the mission is to defeat Morbus and his dark tribe. You can control the Romans, the […]

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